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Where Is The Good Samaritan Today ?

In this ever changing and challenging times of trauma and stress, Many people are asking this question: Where is a Good Samaritan today ? 

We believe that it is the mandate of every Christian to hear the call of the Good Samaritan in helping not only those infected and affected by the HIV & AIDS pandemic but also reach out to the disabled and other affected people through deliberate inclusion and advocacy in changing the way our society perceives issues of discrimination and exclusion. We call upon you, to join us as we strive to reach out to the people in need with the Word of God.


A Zambia where all people have access to the Bible in a language and form relevant to them


To translate, publish and distribute the Holy Bible at a price people can afford

Guiding Principles

Belief and firm commitment to the Holy Bible as the living Word of God

General Secretary’s  Message

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Bible Society of Zambia website.  May you be inspired to pray for the work of the Bible Society of Zambia that God’s word may reach every Zambian in a language and form that is relevant to them. Today, God’s word is needed more than any other time. In the face of global challenges of peace and the lack of it there has been mass people movements and displacements. Many nations continue to face dire economic trauma thus putting economic survival their priority. Other human created catastrophes such as climate change have added to human suffering. Yet we find our hope in the Bible which point us to the risen saviour Jesus Christ. That Jesus Christ speaks to the hearts of men and women and calls all to his saving grace. This is the message and mandate that we have been given to take to every corner of our nation and the world. Support and pray with us.



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