A Million Bible Project

The Bible Society of Zambia continues to play a major role in the distribution of scripture in Zambia distributing close to 80,000 scriptures annually. This is a far cry from the needy from various communities especially communities that cannot afford to buy a bible. There is a growing demand for bibles in children in the upper primary grades and junior secondary grades especially in the rural areas. Many children in these areas have parents who are subsistence farmers and their income is dependent on farming. However, droughts and other economic factors continue to inflict negative impacts on household incomes.

The Good Samaritan Program

In ever changing and challenging times of trauma and stress, the Bible Society of Zambia BSZ has a program called “Where is the Good Samaritan Today?”
The program was designed to address the growing HIV & Aids pandemic in so far as the Bible engagement ministry that the Bible Society of Zambia could provide. However, through such work and mission, the Bible Society has come to learn and understand that disability and inclusion is also a major mission concern. BSZ believes it is the mandate of every Christian to hear the call of the Good Samaritan in helping not only those infected and affected by the HIV & Aids pandemic but also reach out to the disabled through deliberate inclusion and advocacy in changing the way our society perceives issues of discrimination and exclusion. This program is based on the parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke chapter 10, that we are not to discriminate based on physical, racial or health status of another human being.

The Bible Translation Project

Bible Translation is the core business of the Bible Society of Zambia and the translation is done from the widely accepted texts of the source languages such as Hebrew,Aramaic and Greek.The goal is to ensure that all Zambian people have access to the Bible in their own heart language.Translation of the Bible is an expensive undertaking which demands exceptional dedication and resources;as such it is only achievable by partnering with other Bible Societies through United Bible Societies,other Bible translation agencies,the Zambian local Churches and the target language communities.

Tree Of Life, Tree Of Faith


Stewardship is a directive from God to work, care, watch over, guard and protect all that which is entrusted to us. The Stewardship of God’s creation is a project that seeks to energize the Church’s responsiveness to climate change challenges through Bible engagement, climate change awareness workshops and the planting of trees by the Church in arid areas of Zambia’s seven (4) districts.

Faith Comes By Hearing project

The Faith Comes By Hearing is a Programme for groups of people in defined catchment areas around Zambia. Among these defined communities are Cheshire homes, Churches, Orphanages, Learning Institutions, Hospitals and Prison communities in Zambia. The programme seeks to transform the lives of the people through engagement with the Word of God.

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